Writer’s Workshop Folders

Hello everyone in blog land!  I have been busy gearing up for school.  I go back next week!  It is so hard to believe that my summer is almost over!

My school is really pushing Writer’s Workshop this year, so I decided to make some 4-pocket folders for my kiddos.  I think I am on a first name basis with the folks @ Staples because I really took advantage of their 1 cent folder deal!

Mine are fashioned from folders my friend Andrea uses in her classroom. They look like this:

They are basically 2 folders stapled together to make 4 pockets.  I also made a cover and labels for the pockets.  I think I might go ahead and laminate the outside one for durability.  I also included some 6 trait info, as well as revising and editing info.

The entire file has been uploaded to my TPT store, and includes label templates for Prewriting, Rough Draft, Revising, Editing, Writing Ideas, and Handouts so you can customize the pockets to fit your needs.  Here is a freebie of the “Writer’s Workshop Rules” page.  Happy writing!

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    I love the art and organization. I am trying to figure out how to use them with the “trick” we do at my school- on sent home page, students (with parent help) make a small photo college of events, places and people in their lives. This helps them generate ideas when they are stuck for ideas.
    Thanks again, Elizabeth

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