Testing week is here!! ACK!

Well, here in Arizona the weather is beautiful and the sky is clear.  The only thing looming this time of year is testing.  Sigh…. Like everyone else, it STRESSES me out!  While I was blog-hopping a few years back, I saw some clever teacher-made cute candy treat buckets to motivate her kiddos. (If you are the blogger, please let me know! I tried to search for the original post, but couldn’t find it.)

Anyhoo, I tried it last year, and my kiddos liked being “caught” applying their test strategies. I hang the large signs up on my board, and tell the kiddos I will be watching to see who is really using their strategies, focusing, looking for evidence, and REALLY thinking- NOT fake thinking!!   If I “catch” someone I jot their name down and note what they were doing.  After the testing session is complete, the students who were “caught” get to pick a treat from the corresponding bucket.  Just a little extra bit of incentive.  :-)

If you would like the signs, click the image to download them FREE from my TPT store.

Happy Testing!! 

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    I love this! I do something similar but my kids don’t know what is what. I walk the room every few minutes and if I see everyone using their strategies (whether it’s highlighting, taking notes, crossing out answers, explaining why or why not, etc.) I go to our point grid and give each group a point. But I love that this is more specific!! Thank you for sharing…I already downloaded it for next year. And BTW…I am a teacher in Phoenix and live in Goodyear. Maybe we can connect some day. I also have a blog, but it is more for the parents of my classroom to be flies on the wall: mrsgarrisonscommunity45.blogspot.com

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