The Turkey Bandit Strikes Again!!

Nov 6, 2016

For years now, the “Turkey Bandit”  has made an appearance around our campus leaving a bag of treats for special classrooms during Thanksgiving time.  It is really simple and easy to do. The receiving class reciprocates, passing the cheer along to two other classes who have not been “struck” yet.  It continues until all of the classes in the school have been given treats. (Don’t forget the nurse, cafeteria, office, and janitorial staff!) This is great whole school Thanksgiving activity to do during the season of sharing and giving.  Here are some freebies of posters that are similar to the ones we use.  All the kids (and staff) get really excited to get a visit from the Turkey Bandit! Click below for some fun Turkey Bandit signs and start spreading the kindness!   🙂
Turkey Bandit Treat Sack TagsTurkey Bandit Sign
 Click the pictures to grab the Turkey Bandit freebie!!

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