Astronaut Training Kits: Space Themed Goody Bags for Students

Since I am going with the space theme, made up some cute goody bags to have on the student’s desks the first day of school, and suddenly  the “Astronaut Survival Bags” came to be.  I got some free lunch sacks from our lovely cafeteria manager, and splatter painted them in purples, yellows, black, an some […]

Free Educational Resources from Disney!

I have posted a lot about Earth Day in the past week.  I love the optimism little kids have when talking and learning about the ways they can conserve and help the world, no matter how small. It makes my heart happy. Have you seen Disney’s Monkey Planet yet? I wanted to share some new […]

Books for Earth Day- Top Picks

Being a book girl, you know I love pairing great literature with our themes.  Here are my top picks of Earth Day favorites. I love the book The Wump World by Bill Peet.  The little Wumps are so cute, and it has such a great message.  The kids always seem to make great connections to […]

Pick My Pocket! A Permanent Center for Your Classroom

You all know I just love sharing some of my favorite things from the “WAY BACK FILES” and this is another one.  For this months BRIGHT IDEA, I thought I would share my “Pick My Pocket” board. It is so simple. There are no gimmicks or magic buttons. It is just a large, laminated poster […]

Dirt Pudding

Have you ever made dirt pudding? This is another fun activity to do around Earth Day,  or anytime you want to have your kids practice using some functional text. We recently finished a unit on functional text. Students need practice in reading recipes and following written directions. This would be a great culminating activity and […]

Earth Day Science Activities

I love teaching Earth Day!  Every year when it rolls around, I get giddy because I get to pull out some of my favorite Earth Day activities. Science and Earth Day are natural partners, and perfect for April or any month of the year!   Check out these recycled planters. They are super easy to make, […]

United States Symbols- Road Trip Scrapbook

Summer will be here before we know it, and it is a perfect time to teach about the symbols of the United States. I love to travel and scrapbook, so I decided to make a fun, interactive text that had the look and feel of a scrapbook. This has been one of my favorite projects […]

Do you tell your students you love them?

I do. A recent thread on a Facebook group has really stuck with me, and I thought I would take some time to reflect and get your thoughts. Through the years, I have moved around through various positions and grade levels, but in every position one thing remains constant- my love for my students. Whether […]

Commas in a Series

Here are some activities I have done recently to teach commas in a series. This seems to be a standard that spans many grade levels. I made this cute anchor chart.  I recommend laminating it BEFORE you add your sentence. That way, if you use an erasable marker, you can change the sentence out periodically […]

Women’s History Month Bulletin Board

March is Women’s History Month, and I want to share a great bulletin board I created.  It features 30 prominent women in history – displayed on a timeline! The kids had so much fun researching these famous women. Some they had heard of, like Oprah and Betsy Ross, and some were new to them. I […]