Peanut Butter, Jelly TIME! Using Functional and Informational Text in the Classroom

Happy National Peanut Butter Day!! This week I was tasked with working on a close reading of functional and informational text. I needed to incorporate main idea, text features, and vocabulary.  No problem!  Actually, it was!  I usually end up trolling TPT or making my own resources, which I do enjoy. This time, I got […]

Ten Tools Every Teacher Needs in Their Classroom

So, let’s face it.  Sometimes if you want something done, you just have to do it yourself, right? On my campus we haven’t had full-time custodial help in a long time and besides… I am a bit impatient.  If I decide I want a job done, I usually just figure out a way to do […]

Martin Luther King Jr. Timeline Activity

We have been learning all about Martin Luther King Jr. this week with a lot of fun activities.  One of the class favorites was comparing brown eggs and white eggs.  We observed the outsides of the eggs and and how they looked different.  Once cracked open, the children were amazed that the eggs were identical […]

Valentine Science Fun!

Check out these super cool Send Home Science kits especially made for Valentine’s Day! These little kits are so much fun, and the kids really know they are getting something unique. What they don’t know is how little they cost to make! A class set of 24 cost me about $12 to make. I already […]

Crayon Photo Frame Ornaments

Since I switched grade levels this year, I found myself in a pinch for a quick, easy, inexpensive parent gift for my students to make this holiday season. (I don’t want to steal the thunder from my old teammates!)  These were easy enough for my Firsties to make and didn’t take a lot of time […]

Thanksgiving Pie Party and Play!

I love celebrating Thanksgiving with my first and second graders.  There are so many Social Studies skills I can pack in during this time of the year. One of my FAVORITE activities is to host a little Thanksgiving Readers Theater and Pie Party!  It is adorable and so much fun! I have adopted a script […]

Stone Soup!

This was a really fun week for me at school. My class did a little ELA unit using the story Stone Soup. I used the Reading A-Z version for the students, and then read aloud the classic Marcia Brown version. We compared and contrasted the folktales with an anchor chart: For writing, I used this […]

Clip Charts and PBIS Behavior Management

Are you using clip charts or thinking about starting to implement a clip chart into your behavior management system? Let me tell you why what I do is different, even PBIS friendly!  I love my clip chart system. I use it in a POSITIVE way. The language is explicit and motivating, and it sets high […]

The “May” Basket- A Classroom Management Idea

I’m super excited to team up with 150 bloggers for another month of bright ideas!  My bright idea is a super quick classroom management idea about how to handle the “stuff” kiddos bring to school.  I have a basket in my classroom called the “May” basket. Mine is just an old Easter basket, but any kind […]

Keeping Your Students Organized During Writer’s Workshop

Managing Writer’s Workshop can be a challenging task. Over the years, these have saved my sanity and kept my kiddos’ writing on the “right” track.  These are multiple folders bound together to help keep students organized through the steps of the writing process. I have used two pocket folders (for a total of 4 pockets) […]