Unique (and inexpensive) Birthday Gifts for Students

Want to give your students a birthday gift they’ll use and remember? Check this out! You might recall last winter when I was so excited about my Send Home Science Kits. They have become one of my favorite things to give to students, and EVERY TIME… the kids go nuts for them! They think they […]

Happy Birthday! Made it Monday

Happy Monday BIRTHDAY!! Love how this linky kicks me into gear to get things checked off my to-do list! One project I have had on the list FOR A LONG TIME is to make some new birthday chair covers.  It is basically a pillow case that fits over my classroom chairs.  On their birthday kiddos get […]

Send Home Science!! New Product Posted!

I am SUPER excited about my latest product! Inspiration for my “Send Home Science!” kits hit me when I was putting together a birthday present for one of my daughter’s Girl Scout buddies. ¬†We filled a gift bag with weird science-y stuff like a bottle of vinegar, baking soda, Epsom salts, balloons and a really […]