Notice and Note- Session 5

It’s book study MadNesS here in my little neck of the woods! Today is Session 5 of Notice and Note, and I’ve gotta say… this book so far is a lot like reading a college text. It has put me to sleep a few times.  Good stuff, but a bit on the dry side. The […]

Accountable Talk in Close Reading (Notice and Note)

Hi friends!  We are back with another installment of our summer book study of Notice and Note- Strategies for Close Reading. Today we are working on pages 27-38. (This is where it gets meaty!) It is all about implementing accountable talk strategies during close reading. Question 5- What is the role of talk? This session […]

Close Reading With Wordless Books

Thanks to Deanna for hosting a linky about my most favorite things- BOOKS! Can you do a close reading with a (nearly) wordless book?  YES!  You CAN!  I am a HUGE fan of David Wiesner’s books and was super thrilled when his latest book, Mr. Wuffles!  won the Caldecott Medal of Honor this year. His […]

Notice and Note- Book Study Week 1

I am so excited to be a part of several bloggy book studies this summer.  It really motivates me to keep learning and growing as a professional.  Thanks to Melissa at Dilly Dabbles for organizing this great study.  I have had Notice and Note for almost a year (yikes!) and this is just the motivation […]