Famous Explorer and Scientist Research Books

I LOVE using flap books!  I use them ALL YEAR LONG as mini research report projects. We have been working on two different ones this year- Important Scientists and Famous Explorers. These are great for class books too! After we research a famous scientist or famous explorer,  students complete a page of their book. Here are […]

Columbus Day Freebie!

When I was little we would get Columbus Day off of school and that was always a big treat. It usually fell right on or really close to my birthday. My mom would make it a special day for me.  Our state no longer recognizes Columbus Day as a school holiday, which is a big […]

Peek-A-Boo Layered Books

I am so excited to introduce my newest creations…  I call them Peek-A-Boo Layer Books and they are such  show stoppers!! Here is how they work:  Each page combines together to create a scene that peeks through the front cover. Negative space is removed to achieve this super-cool effect. Pages are lined to so learners […]