Clip Chart Reward Box

                        I am SO excited!!!  I FINALLY found the PERFECT box to hold all of my clip chart rewards. I have been keeping them in a yucky shoe box.  I wish I had snapped a picture, but maybe it is better I didn’t!  My […]

Ticket Out the Door!

Hello bloggy friends!I just wanted to share a little poster I made for my exit tickets.  I saw several of these floating around Pinterest, but decided to jazz mine up a bit!  I love giving the students a problem to solve or a “ticket out the door.”  Not only is is motivational, and gets them […]

Wacky Star “Fun Button”- freebie printable

Now that two evaluations, training, conferences, and our annual Sock Hop are over,  it is time to get back to business!  I have started catching up on the new professional development videos from Whole Brain Teaching. One technique Chris Biffel recommends is using a “Wacky Star Fun Button.” I saw this in his Oral Writing […]

Compliment Chain!

I “teach-lifted” this idea from my friend Deirdre a million years ago, and still use it everyday. I maintain a compliment chain to record the compliments we receive for walking in line and for our behavior in specials.  The class receives one link for every compliment.  When the chain hits the floor, they receive a […]

Cool Folder!

So, we had our district-wide staff development day today, and we learned more about our new math curriculum and our new Investigations math textbooks.  Our afternoon presenter (yikes…can’t remember her name!) showed us how to make these clever folders. I think of it more as a little wallet.  Either way, I thought it was neat, […]

Clip Chart Management Forms

Check out these management forms that help me make the most of my chip chart behavior management system.  It includes several different forms including a parent letter and  charts that the kids can color on a daily basis. This pack includes parent letters in English and Spanish, several rewards for each level, and a note to send […]

Clip Chart- Reward Freebies!

Nineteen days in, and going strong! My class is super sweet and working hard, despite excess HEAT warnings this week. (Yeah, 115 degrees makes recess FUN!!)  My clip chart has been really effective in helping my little stinkers to make better choices.  I have had some kiddos reach “Outstanding” and decided I wanted to make […]

Do you Peanut Butter and Jelly? We do!

Well, I survived my first week back and am excited to have a very sweet class this year!  YAY!  I am totally exhausted and have three giant stickies on my laptop of things I need to get done before Monday. YIKES!     One of them was to make Peanut Butter and Jelly signs to hang […]

Astronaut Training Kits a.k.a. Goody Bags!

Since I am going with the space theme, I had to make up some cute goody bags to have on the student’s desks the first day of school!!!  Suddenly,  the “Astronaut Training Kits” came to be.  I acquired some free lunch sacks from our lovely cafeteria manager, and splatter painted them in purples, yellows, black, […]