United States Symbols- Road Trip Scrapbook

Summer will be here before we know it, and it is a perfect time to teach about the symbols of the United States. I love to travel and scrapbook, so I decided to make a fun, interactive text that had the look and feel of a scrapbook. This has been one of my favorite projects […]

Martin Luther King Jr. Timeline Activity

We have been learning all about Martin Luther King Jr. this week with a lot of fun activities.  One of the class favorites was comparing brown eggs and white eggs.  We observed the outsides of the eggs and and how they looked different.  Once cracked open, the children were amazed that the eggs were identical […]

Famous Explorer and Scientist Research Books

I LOVE using flap books!  I use them ALL YEAR LONG as mini research report projects. We have been working on two different ones this year- Important Scientists and Famous Explorers. These are great for class books too! After we research a famous scientist or famous explorer,  students complete a page of their book. Here are […]

Columbus Day Freebie!

When I was little we would get Columbus Day off of school and that was always a big treat. It usually fell right on or really close to my birthday. My mom would make it a special day for me.  Our state no longer recognizes Columbus Day as a school holiday, which is a big […]