Classroom Job Wheel- Putting Kids to Work

classroom job wheel

Woo Hoo!  It is another Bright Ideas Link-A-Roo!  I have blogged a bit about my job wheel a few years ago, but I thought it was worth another share.  I LOVE my job wheel!  I got this idea from my mentor teacher a mere 21 years ago during my student teaching.  I have had this […]

How to Tie A Bunting

So being the crafty sort of gal that I am, I decided it was high time to jump on 4th Grade Frolics Monday Make It linky party. Buntings are all the rage. I made my first bunting 2 years ago for Read Across America Day and I have made them for bunches of parties since.  I am […]

Compliment Chain!

I “teach-lifted” this idea from my friend Deirdre a million years ago, and still use it everyday. I maintain a compliment chain to record the compliments we receive for walking in line and for our behavior in specials.  The class receives one link for every compliment.  When the chain hits the floor, they receive a […]

Cool Folder!

So, we had our district-wide staff development day today, and we learned more about our new math curriculum and our new Investigations math textbooks.  Our afternoon presenter (yikes…can’t remember her name!) showed us how to make these clever folders. I think of it more as a little wallet.  Either way, I thought it was neat, […]

Snack Time Tip!

First of all, wasn’t it nice of Pepperidge Farm to make “Space Adventure” Goldfish crackers that match my theme?  I thought so, too!  I have only seen them at Target, and sent the hubs out to buy 6 bags of them. I don’t do a regular snack time during the year, but I do the […]