Thanksgiving Pie Party and Play!

I love celebrating Thanksgiving with my first and second graders.  There are so many Social Studies skills I can pack in during this time of the year. One of my FAVORITE activities is to host a little Thanksgiving Readers Theater and Pie Party!  It is adorable and so much fun! I have adopted a script […]

Stone Soup!

This was a really fun week for me at school. My class did a little ELA unit using the story Stone Soup. I used the Reading A-Z version for the students, and then read aloud the classic Marcia Brown version. We compared and contrasted the folktales with an anchor chart: For writing, I used this […]

Notice and Note- Session 9

Assessment and the Signposts  and Questions You Might Have I am so excited because this is the chapter that I get to host- Assessment and the Signposts and Questions You May Have.  Let’s start with assessment. It’s everywhere isn’t it? I was pleased when one of the first parts of this section clearly stated that […]

Literacy Teacher’s Playbook Chapter 2

So, welcome back to another Wednesday book study installment of the Literacy Teacher’s Playbook! Woo! Besides delving into Analyzing Data, we have a giveaway this week too!  So after you read me, check out the other bloggers who are following along and don’t forget to enter! Winners will get their choice of one product from […]

Notice and Note- Section 7

The Anchor Questions & The Role of Generalizable Language These are two of the most important chapters I think, and ones where I have learned the most so far. Over the past 21 years, I have always tried to make sure that my questions for reading any text were prepared and ready for the students. […]

Notice and Note- Section 4

Happy Thursday everyone!  So today’s section of Notice and Note is about using text-dependent questions. The question the authors pose is “Do text-dependent questions foster engagement?”  Well, I would think so.  I guess it would be how you define engagement.  Engagement with the text? Engagement with other students reading the same text? Engagement with your […]

What I’m Reading this Summer… Summer Reading Linky!

A big thanks to Marie from Hands on Teacher in First for organizing this linky.  It is forcing me to get my rear in gear.  I have a nightstand full of books I have been collecting for summer reads and need to get busy! I am so excited to be part of two book studies […]

Classroom Job Wheel- Putting Kids to Work

classroom job wheel

Woo Hoo!  It is another Bright Ideas Link-A-Roo!  I have blogged a bit about my job wheel a few years ago, but I thought it was worth another share.  I LOVE my job wheel!  I got this idea from my mentor teacher a mere 21 years ago during my student teaching.  I have had this […]

Back to School Sale!! Whoot!!

Whoooo-Hoo!  It is time for the big Back to School Sale at TPT!   (AKA… time to clear out my wishlist!) Don’t tell my hubby, ok?  Today some bloggers have joined together to do a “Best and Most” of our products for the BTS sale.  It is kind of like voting in the high school […]

A Happy School is A HAPPENING School- Linky Party!!!

I am so excited to be hosting my FIRST linky party! Come join the fun!!  I have been a member of our school’s climate committee for over 10 years, and we have done some pretty neat things to raise staff and student morale. I also work with a pretty creative set of coaches who have […]