Testing week is here!! ACK!


Well, here in Arizona the weather is beautiful and the sky is clear.  The only thing looming this time of year is testing.  Sigh…. Like everyone else, it STRESSES me out!  While I was blog-hopping a few years back, I saw some clever teacher-made cute candy treat buckets to motivate her kiddos. (If you are […]

Clip Chart Minis and Seasonal Awards


Hello Bloggy friends!     This, by far, has been the BUSIEST back to school I can remember in the 20 years I have been teaching.  Luckily, things are starting to settle down.  WHEW!  (Did I just jinx myself??!??)     Just wanted to let all of my Clip Chart fans fans know that I recently added […]

BOZO answers!


So we are in the THICK of test prep these days, and I decided to share one of my favorite little “teacher-isms.” A few, (ok maybe 15) years ago,  I started calling the obviously wrong answer in a multiple choice problem the BOZO answer.  I explain to my students that BOZO is a clown, who […]