Pick My Pocket! A Permanent Center for Your Classroom

You all know I just love sharing some of my favorite things from the “WAY BACK FILES” and this is another one.  For this months BRIGHT IDEA, I thought I would share my “Pick My Pocket” board. It is so simple. There are no gimmicks or magic buttons. It is just a large, laminated poster […]

Dirt Pudding

Have you ever made dirt pudding? This is another fun activity to do around Earth Day,  or anytime you want to have your kids practice using some functional text. We recently finished a unit on functional text. Students need practice in reading recipes and following written directions. This would be a great culminating activity and […]

Keeping Your Students Organized During Writer’s Workshop

Managing Writer’s Workshop can be a challenging task. Over the years, these have saved my sanity and kept my kiddos’ writing on the “right” track.  These are multiple folders bound together to help keep students organized through the steps of the writing process. I have used two pocket folders (for a total of 4 pockets) […]

Holiday Class Writing Journals

If you are familiar with my Class Writing Journals, I have some exciting news!  I finally finished a holiday expansion pack.  I am so excited about these! This pack includes 6 holiday themed writing journals to use throughout the year.  They match my other Class Writing Journals so they can easily be added to the […]

Class Writing Journals- Set #2 Using Informational Text!!

Boy howdy, am I excited about these!!  Based on feedback from buyers, I made another set of Class Writing Journals, but this time they focus on INFORMATIONAL writing.  It’s like I am getting the kids to write mini-reports without them knowing.  Kinda sneaky of me, but a teacher has to do what a teacher has […]

Throwback Thursday- Writer’s Workshop

Happy Thursday! Today I’m linking up with super-cute Cara from The First Grade Parade for an old school  linky party…Throwback Thursday!  It is a tribute old blog posts. 🙂 So I thought I would revisit my most popular TPT product and still one of my favorite classroom tools- Writer’s Workshop Folders!  I STILL use my original folders from three […]

Whole Class Writing Journals!

Howdy everyone! I got my back to school letter in the mail this week… so I guess it is official.  My summer is coming to a close. Is it weird that I LOVE all of the back to school displays in the stores?  They make me giddy!  Seriously exciting! I just finished making class journals […]

Writer’s Workshop Folders

Hello everyone in blog land!  I have been busy gearing up for school.  I go back next week!  It is so hard to believe that my summer is almost over! My school is really pushing Writer’s Workshop this year, so I decided to make some 4-pocket folders for my kiddos.  I think I am on […]