Clip Chart- one of my new favorite things!

So since I went back to the classroom after my librarian position was cut this year,  I had to find a discipline system that worked for me and my kids.  (Gone are the days of names and check-marks…)

Through other blogs and some research, I found the clip chart system on I started it after our winter break, and immediately noticed a difference. I was using the red-yellow-green stoplight before, but some of my “special friends” really needed a few extra chances.  It also gives extra positive recognition to the kiddos who were ALWAYS good. Every time they get to outstanding, they get a sticker on their clip.  When they get 5 stickers, they get a COLORED clip. (oooh…ahhhh…)  It continues on and on… they LOVE it!

I LOVE it because it constantly reinforces POSITIVE  behavior.  I use it as part of my dialogue.  “Who is showing pride in our line?”  or “Thank you for being such great role models.”  It also gives recognition to the students who are always good.  Sometimes I think they are forgotten in a regular behavior system.

I tweaked the design a little and this is what I came up with. Mine is in a reverse rainbow pattern, which makes red the danger zone. It is actually easier for parents (especially my non-English speaking ones)  to understand.  When they see “red” colored… they know their child made some poor choices. It also hides the ugly breaker box in my room- BONUS!

Below are links to the printables I made,  if anyone is interested. I printed them on photo paper and attached them to long strips of construction paper before laminating. Mine is hung from a hook because maintenance needs access to the breaker, but it works well for clip movement. I have a few little magnets holding the bottom.   Happy weekend!

Download it  HERE  for FREE from my TPT store.  Good luck!

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    Very nice! I use this clip chart also but I like your choice of words better, especially “Role Model”! I may just have to steal yours 🙂

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    These are fantastic!
    I was just wondering if you could please put up the blue “Role Model” poster though? Unless I am blind and can’t see it on here…

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    Oopsy – I mean the blue ‘Showing pride’ card!
    And also, can you post the blank green background, so I can extend the green part like you have?

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    It should be there now… it was on my Scribd account, but for some reason didn’t come up… still learning all this. I printed them on photo paper, too… FYI. 🙂

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    Thank you so much!!! I’ve just printed them on normal paper & it’s come out okay. Probably would look brighter on photo paper but all good.
    Can’t wait to use it!
    Thanks again 🙂

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    Hi! I have several questions for you! I would love to use something similar in my classroom but I need some extra info. Thanks for your time! Are your students able to move back up after a consequence? Do you send home a sheet each day that tells that parents where their child was for the day? Do you have a copy of what you send home to the parents to explain this? You can email me if you would like at

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    I love your clip chart! I made mine on Vistaprint last year and I really liked it..however, now have 27 kids in my class and my little clip chart is not fitting all of the clips! However, I cannot figure out how to print yours…maybe its the fact I have 27 kids and my brain is gone or maybe I am doing something wrong! Is there anyway you can email it to me or can you help me with the printing process?? Thank you!

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    Thanks so much for sharing your files for us to create this GREAT idea! Your hard work saves the rest of us some time, thank you so very much!
    I was wondering if you use any forms to document/record the behavior like in the e-book. Also, what do you reward them with if they earn the 5 stickers….just the new colored clip?
    Thanks again for sharing!!

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    Many people have been pinning a rainbow behavior system on Pinterest. They have many different ways for rewarding students, but what do you do with the student’s who have “clipped down” to receiving consequences? If it is time for something fun do you take that away from those kids? If they have “clipped down” and have improved do you you still let that parent know? If some one “clipped down” and improved, but it is time for recess or something fun do you still take it away? Just wondering what others have done! Thanks!

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    I just ran across your blog and am trying to figure out ways to get organized in the classroom. I have been a librarian for the past 10 years and our building just closed in May. So needless to say, my librarian position no longer exists. I will be going into 1st grade so can use all the help I can get. :0) Thanks for the post and freebie.

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