Clip Chart- one of my new favorite things!

Jun 11, 2011

So since I went back to the classroom after my librarian position was cut this year,  I had to find a discipline system that worked for me and my kids.  (Gone are the days of names and check-marks…)

Through other blogs and some research, I found the clip chart system on I started it after our winter break, and immediately noticed a difference. I was using the red-yellow-green stoplight before, but some of my “special friends” really needed a few extra chances.  It also gives extra positive recognition to the kiddos who were ALWAYS good. Every time they get to outstanding, they get a sticker on their clip.  When they get 5 stickers, they get a COLORED clip. (oooh…ahhhh…)  It continues on and on… they LOVE it!

I LOVE it because it constantly reinforces POSITIVE  behavior.  I use it as part of my dialogue.  “Who is showing pride in our line?”  or “Thank you for being such great role models.”  It also gives recognition to the students who are always good.  Sometimes I think they are forgotten in a regular behavior system.

I tweaked the design a little and this is what I came up with. Mine is in a reverse rainbow pattern, which makes red the danger zone. It is actually easier for parents (especially my non-English speaking ones)  to understand.  When they see “red” colored… they know their child made some poor choices. It also hides the ugly breaker box in my room- BONUS!

Below are links to the printables I made,  if anyone is interested. I printed them on photo paper and attached them to long strips of construction paper before laminating. Mine is hung from a hook because maintenance needs access to the breaker, but it works well for clip movement. I have a few little magnets holding the bottom.   Happy weekend!

Download it  HERE  for FREE from my TPT store.  Good luck!



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