Do you Peanut Butter and Jelly? We do!

Aug 13, 2011

Well, I survived my first week back and am excited to have a very sweet class this year!  YAY!  I am totally exhausted and have three giant stickies on my laptop of things I need to get done before Monday. YIKES!  


One of them was to make Peanut Butter and Jelly signs to hang up in my classroom.  We do a lot of cooperative learning in my district and I find pairing the students up by peanut butters and jellies works super well for me.

Here is the scenario: My students sit in tables of 4. Each student has a number 1- 4 taped to their desk.  My numbers are copied on color paper and color coded so there is a red, orange, yellow (you get the idea…) table. (I also copy my math games in the same fashion so that I know what games go with what table… oops off topic!!)

Now… numbers 1 and 3 are PEANUT BUTTERS.  (There is a little P.B. on their number tags.)  Numbers 2 and 4 are JELLIES.  Every day I switch who is the first partner to go first when taking turns.  So yesterday, the JELLIES went first during partner activities and PEANUT BUTTERS went second.  On Monday, it will reverse.  As the year progresses I might switch it up once or twice a day.

So to keep things moving along, I made a few little signs today to hang on a magnet clip on my whiteboard.  That way the students can refer to it if they forget and HOPEFULLY eliminate arguments. GET IT??

Aren’t they super cute!!!  The images are from Double Dutch Designs.

Have a great weekend!  ONE thing off my list!!  YAY!!



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