Cool Folder!

Sep 15, 2011

So, we had our district-wide staff development day today, and we learned more about our new math curriculum and our new Investigations math textbooks.  Our afternoon presenter (yikes…can’t remember her name!) showed us how to make these clever folders. I think of it more as a little wallet.  Either way, I thought it was neat, so I ran home and made one so I wouldn’t forget. She recommended using them for “combination” or math fact cards.  One side would be facts students are working on, and the other side would be for facts they have mastered.  I thought these would also be handy for word work stations, too.  This is the finished product: 

It starts with a  pain ‘ol pocket folder: 
Next, you fold it in half at the pocket. The top (white) part will be the flaps. 
Next, you grab a plate (or something big and round) to trace a half circle. I used a cake pan. 
Fold the it back in half, and cut the rounded part off…  
It should look like this when you open it up:
Next, you fold down the flaps.  Our presenter recommended adding Velcro dots to keep the flaps down. I am not sure I will do this for my kids, but I can see why she would do that, especially if there were a lot of little pieces to contain.  
 Fold in half and… Ta-da! A nifty pocket wallet!! YAY! 



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