BOZO answers!

Feb 18, 2012

So we are in the THICK of test prep these days, and I decided to share one of my favorite little “teacher-isms.” A few, (ok maybe 15) years ago,  I started calling the obviously wrong answer in a multiple choice problem the BOZO answer.  I explain to my students that BOZO is a clown, who is always playing tricks on kids, and there is usually one answer in each problem that is a BOZO answer.  It is one that is silly, and just doesn’t make sense.  My kiddos are getting pretty good at identifying BOZO answers! Even so that they are excited to shout it out when they fine one!  I made this cutie little poster to remind them to look for BOZO answers when testing rolls around.   🙂

You can download it HERE from TPT for FREE!  🙂  Happy test prep!



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