Organization Tip- Linky Party!

Feb 2, 2012

I have the best intentions when it comes to organizing… but honestly it is NOT my area of expertise!  I thought this was worthy of sharing on Fourth Grade Froggies Linky Party!

We are implementing Investigations Math this year, and “Workshop” is a big component.  I wanted to find a CHEAP solution to organize materials and get them to and from the tables in an orderly manner. I bought  some cube baskets at Dollar Tree… (uh they were $1!) but materials kept falling out of them, and that was a problem!

Enter the Pop Tart boxes!   Yep. Quite by accident, I discovered that two Pop Tart boxes will fit into these babies perfectly!  I used one 12 count box and one 8 count box.  (Can you say… Pop Tart Intervention??)

It was kind of ugly, so I decided to cover them in green contact paper.  I also taped the boxes to each other to keep them from sliding around. I LOVE IT!  The baskets are so neat and tidy! As an extra bonus, the 12 count box will 21 sticks of ten connecting cubes. YEAH!


 And in case you are interested, below is a link to my TPT store where you can get the basket labels for FREE!

Happy Organizing and thanks Fourth Grade Froggies for organizing this Linky Party!

Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies



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