A Year’s Worth of HUGS! Positive Behavior Management

Mar 4, 2012

Check out this positive behavior management tool! My daughter has the most amazing kindergarten teacher, Mrs. B. This year has been so nuts for me, it is so comforting to know that my little punk is learning, and growing and loving school. Mrs. B gives out these cute little hug coupons when the students show positive behavior during the day.  (Proudly, my punk has collected quite a few. Smile! ) When the kiddos collect 5 coupons, they can turn them in for a trip to her treasure box.

I think the coupons alone are great because it reminds parents to praise their students for their hard work, building positive reinforcement… and a hug doesn’t cost a darn thing! Brilliant, Mrs. B. Brilliant! So… I got a bit carried away and made a BUNCH of coupons (Yep, like 21!) for different seasons and times of the year.  (Mrs. B’s idea, too.)  I made them black and white so they can be copied easily. Mrs. B also recycles them, too.  Isn’t she smart? She just collects them and hands them out to the next group of kiddos. It is a great way to save time and paper!

You can download them FREE HERE.  I think this is also a great alternative to signing behavior charts every day for kids with positive reports. Their little faces are so excited when they walk out waving their little coupons.  It is so sweet!

Fonts courtesy of www.kevinandamanda.com 
Art from DJ Inkers  www.djinkers.com



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