My favorite Easter, but not Easter writing activity…

Mar 29, 2012

Just a quick post to share my favorite “Easter… but not Easter” writing activity. I have done this lesson for years and years and it is always one of my favorites.  It is called, “I am special, BECAUSE I am DIFFERENT” and uses jelly beans to inspire the student’s writing.  It is also a non-religious, non-bunny seasonal activity to do this time of year. (Or really anytime of the year, for that matter!)  🙂

The lesson starts with a short story about how I (the teacher) received a bag of jelly beans. I offer to share the bag of beans with my mom, but she doesn’t like them for one reason or another.  The story ends with me reading the back of the bag of beans and learning that everyone is special in their own ways, conveying the message about how it would be nice if we liked and accepted everyone. I give each student their own special bag of jelly beans. 

Then… we make a tree map and the kiddos list reasons why they are special:

Finally they draft and publish a narrative entitled “I’m Special Because I’m Different!”  We also make a cute little jelly bean character to display their writing.  I also give the kiddos the option of adding hair or accessories to their jelly beans to make them unique.  They are pretty cute!

The lesson with the story, tree map, writing paper, bag toppers, and jelly bean patterns are available in my TPT store. Check it out!

Happy writing!



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