Up, Up and Away!

Mar 17, 2012

Looking for a great unit for teaching flight?  I just uploaded my new “Up, Up, and Away!” unit to Teachers Pay Teachers! It is chock FULL of fun, engaging activities for teaching all bout kites, hot air balloons, and other things that fly!  It also has beautiful images of some of my favorite things!

I have always loved kites and hot air balloons. For me, nothing says it’s spring (at least here in AZ) until I see kids in my neighborhood out trying to fly big colorful kites. My second graders are also working on an Air and Weather unit, and one of their favorite activities is making their very own kites.

I like to extend the unit with a few writing and math activities, and so the “Up, Up and Away!” activities were born! Not to mention, National Kite Month and National Poetry Month are both in April. Kites are universal, and provide me with a great alternative to Easter activities for my diverse population of kiddos. Besides, I love the bright colors and patterns. It makes me happy. 🙂  Whoot! Whoot!
This a sample of one of the kite poem activities:

Kite poetry writing activity

The unit is aligned to Common Core Standards in grades 1-4, and most of the activities are adaptable across many grade levels. Kites are bright, colorful, and just plain cool! This unit can be taught any time of the year, but would be extra fun in the spring.  This is a class favorite year after year! Happy flying!!




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