Wacky Star “Fun Button”- freebie printable

Mar 3, 2012

Now that two evaluations, training, conferences, and our annual Sock Hop are over,  it is time to get back to business!  I have started catching up on the new professional development videos from Whole Brain Teaching. One technique Chris Biffel recommends is using a “Wacky Star Fun Button.” I saw this in his Oral Writing video.  The premise is easy… whenever the kids are doing something really well, you “push” the button. They get to make wacky noises for 5 seconds.  OMGoodness!  The kids L-O-V-E it!  Other brain experts would call this “novelty.”  My kids call it “awesome.”  I made a printable. One of these days I will break down and buy a cute tap light, but for now, this works.  🙂

WBT has truly transformed my classroom over the past year months.  During spring break last year, I NEEDED something new.  I had a very challenging group of students, and I literally stumbled upon WBT.  Even starting with the basics, my students were engaged, even during the challenging last month of school. If you aren’t familiar, grab an afternoon and watch some of the WBT videos.  It is well worth it!



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