Mother’s Day Tea Party Projects

May 2, 2012

 Now that TESTING IS OVER… It is time to break out a little fun!  My teammies have been hosting a darling little tea party for the 2nd graders and their mommies for many years. The kiddos get so super excited to make little keepsakes and serve tea and cookies to their special gals.  We schedule the tea party to start during the last 15 minutes of the day so that kiddos who don’t have a parent present can still sing and have a little refreshment, then go home. The other mommies and kids stay awhile and mingle.  It isn’t a long event, but the mom’s appreciate the extra effort.

Our first project is one of my favorites!  We make a little All About Mom booklet. The students answer questions about their moms and decorate it like a card.  It is an absolute HOOT what the kids have to say about their mommies, and is sure to be a keepsake for many years to come. Here are some samples:

These are the insides.  I love it.  It says her favorite book is “The Hungry.”

Wonder if that is a new one?  Hee! Hee!

 It has a small and a large version.  BARGAIN!  There is also a really cute Father’s Day one that I make every year with my crew.  🙂

Our second project is making coffee filter corsages for the mommies to wear.  They are pretty simple for the kids to make and most people don’t guess that they are made from a coffee filter.  I secure the filters in the middle with a pipe cleaner.  Mom’s can twist them around their wrists.  (One of my kiddos modeled this one. Love the jewels!)

Here is a tutorial for the corsages:

Using markers, color the filter with bright colors. 

 Lay on a paper towel and spray with a water bottle.  The colors will run. (This is the cool part!)

Let them dry. Pinch in the middle and shape into a flower.  Secure with a pipe cleaner so that it holds the flower shape.  Use the remaining pipe cleaner to secure around the wrist. 

We also sing a mommy song.  I forgot it at school, so I will try to update tomorrow.

Have a great one!




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