Alphabet Stamp Storage Idea!

Jul 8, 2012

Hello bloggy friends!  Summer has been super busy and super HOT here in the southwest.  Just wanted to share a quickie idea with you. I have acquired a few alphabet stamp sets here and there over the past few years, and LOVE this storage idea which was shared by a scrapbooking friend YEARS ago.  I keep my ABC’s nice and tidy using bullet boxes.  (They are boxes used for holding ammunition, I guess… I am not the outdoor type!)  They are super sturdy and are divided into neat little sections which are just about perfect for holding small letter and number stamps. It makes it easy for my students to keep them in order, and because it snaps tight, they can carry the sets to their desks if they need to, or use them in math or spelling centers.  I got mine at a local outdoor/sporting goods store.  Isn’t it smart??

I paid around $4 for this box.  (More than the stamps, I think!) Make sure you take your stamps with you to the store.  The boxes come in a lot of different sizes. Happy stamping!



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