Ticket Out the Door!

Feb 2, 2013

Hello bloggy friends!
I just wanted to share a little poster I made for my exit tickets.  I saw several of these floating around Pinterest, but decided to jazz mine up a bit!  I love giving the students a problem to solve or a “ticket out the door.”  Not only is is motivational, and gets them working,  it is a great way to assess learning in a quick way.  I put a problem or question on the board, and the kiddos answer on a 3 x 3 sticky note.  On the way out, they place the sticky on their corresponding number.  Also a quick way for me to check who completed the task as well.

I made my chart using a standard black poster board and some colored paper.  I cut the paper squares into 3-1/2″ squares and glued those puppies down.  I used a 1″ round punch for the circles and wrote the numbers with a good ‘ol Sharpie.  Then I laminated the whole thing.  (I love to laminate!)   Easy-peasy and the kiddos think it is super cool.  They actually beg me to give them “tickets” out the door!

You can get a free copy of my title HERE or by clicking on the picture.
Font courtesy of Kevin and Amanda. 

Happy weekend! 



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