Important Scientist Flap Book- YAY!

Apr 28, 2013

I am so excited!!  It was a long time in the making but I FINALLY finished my “Important Scientist” flap book, and it turned out super, if I do say so myself!  See…….

This is the cover.  I also made an optional cover that says “Our Book of Important Scientists”  because I think this would work great as a class research project, too.  
(Yes! That is is tongue depressor holding it together!)

Each page is folded to have a flap. The front cover of the flap has a drawing of the scientist in a cute frame! (Kudos and thanks to my hubby for drawing all of the pics!!)

The flap opens to expose some biographical info and fun facts. 
(My 1st grader helped me with Alexander- this was a family affair!)
The file contains printables for 18 different scientists:
-George Washington Carver 
-Albert Einstein
-Daniel Hale Williams
-Elizabeth Blackwell 
-Isaac Newton
-Jane Goodall
-John Muir
-Louis Braille
-Mae Jemison
-Michael Faraday
-Neil Armstrong
-Margaret Mead
-Henry Ford
-Sally Ride
-Thomas Edison
-Nicola Tesla
-Alexander Graham Bell and
-Orville and Wilbur Wright
CHECK it OUT here:

Happy researching!



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