Ocean Friends… Revisit

May 19, 2013

So I realized as I was taking down some of my boards and getting ready to plan next year’s theme… (Still not sure what I am going to do!)  that I never posted pics of my finished ocean boards.  ACK!  They turned out SO cute, and the kids started SQUEALING when I started taking them down. Here is the original post: Ocean Friends

Here they are finished, maybe they will inspire someone for next year!

(Yes, those are bite marks out of the letters!) 
Not the clearest picture, but y’all can get the gist. We love it. I used plastic “scene setter” for the backdrop. It doesn’t fade, and is easy hang and reuse. It is also great for me because I have bumpy walls, and it doesn’t crease weird like paper.
Not sure what I want to do next year… I think I  am between bees (using yellow and black) and dinosaurs.  I am teaching summer school, and hope to have some stuff up before it is over.  I don’t want to worry about it until August. 
Hmmm…. So…what do you guys think?? I need to get crackin’!
Callie 🙂 



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