Math Manipulative Tidbits

Jun 4, 2013

So far this summer, I haven’t checked many things off my to-do list.  Partly because I am teaching summer school, and partly because I am just plain tired!  My summer class is actually really sweet and kinda dreamy, which makes being there a lot more fun.  I am teaching 2nd grade math, but since it was open to any 2nd grader, I only have a few (like 2) who are a LITTLE behind. So… I am charging on with some 3rd grade skills to get them ready for the fall. Last week we worked on elapsed time. In 3rd they have to be able to notate elapsed time on a number line.  I came up with this little number line manipulative activity, and the kiddos seemed to get it!

It isn’t fancy- just a pipe cleaner and some small numbered clothespins. The kiddos practiced finding the elapsed time to the hour. Then, we unhooked the pipe cleaner and laid it flat like, well, a number line! This made for a nice little visual . Especially when they ran-out and had to go back to 1.

This week we are working on place value.  I don’t have any thousand cubes, so the kids helped me make some. We rubber banded the base ten blocks together to make a thousand. We used both hundreds and tens. Not rocket science, but worked out to be a great visual!  
Happy math-ing!  🙂



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