How to Tie A Bunting

Jul 1, 2013

So being the crafty sort of gal that I am, I decided it was high time to jump on 4th Grade Frolics Monday Make It linky party.

Buntings are all the rage. I made my first bunting 2 years ago for Read Across America Day and I have made them for bunches of parties since.  I am changing my theme this year (again!) and going with a modern twist. I am doing orange and green patterns with a smattering of dinosaurs to keep it fun.

So, I started making some buntings for bulletin board toppers.  I LOVE putting coordinating ribbons in between the letters. Ribbon is kind of my thing. I have a large ribbon collection. It is just so pretty!
I can’t wait to get these babies up on my boards!

So here is my little mini-tutorial and bunting ribbon trick.

First, I print out the bunting, cut the triangles, then I laminate them.  Laminating is an extra step, but I think it is worth it. These are going to be up awhile.
Next, I punch a hole in the corner of each triangle.  Simple.  Now… here is my trick for tying…
I tie the ribbon around a Sharpie, and double knot it.  Super simple, but makes tying SO much easier!!
When I pull the Sharpie out, I have a nice little ring. I think this gives the bunting nice SWAG and makes my spaces UNIFORM.

It  is also perfect for adding extra ribbon ties! Which are SUPER cute!!!  Thinner ribbons work best. As you can see below, I cut a few of my ribbons in half. (Green polka dot) This will work since grosgrain ribbon doesn’t fray as much, and these aren’t going to be handled a lot. Ribbon over 1″ are generally too bulky for this purpose.  I also like to throw in some sheer ribbons. They give pop and sparkle without adding a lot of bulk.

Now just simply hang and enjoy!
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Thanks to 4th Grade Frolics for the fun linky party!  My head is twirly for next week!



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