Back to School Sale!! Whoot!!

Aug 18, 2013

Whoooo-Hoo!  It is time for the big Back to School Sale at TPT!  
(AKA… time to clear out my wishlist!)
Don’t tell my hubby, ok? 

Today some bloggers have joined together to do a “Best and Most” of our products for the BTS sale.  It is kind of like voting in the high school yearbook. 

Here are some of my “Best and Most” voted products: 
My Teacher’s Pet is the Send Home Science Kits.  I just love them, and the kids do too. Remember, there are tags for summer, winter break, fall break, winter break and birthdays. I made birthday ones this summer. I have already had 2 kiddos with birthdays this week and they were a HUGE hit!  

My Most Likely to Help Your Students Succeed is my Character Coun
ts unit.  Another favorite.  It is chock-full of character activities that can be used as center or with a whole class.  One of my favorite things is the Character Passport where kids collect character “stamps.” It also has posters and certificates. You can read about it here:

Finally, my two best couple awards go to My Writing Placemat and my Writer’s Workshop printable pack.  They are two staples in my classroom. 
Everything in my store will be 20% off which with the added 10% TPT bonus if you use the BTS13 code which will make rockin’ 28% off! 
Thanks to Christina Bainbridge for this fun linky! 
Also thanks to Creative Clips for the cute sale button! Woot! 
Next Week, I’ll be sharing all of the goodies I bought. 
I am SO excited!!

Happy Shopping!!  




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