Class Writing Journals Set #3- Persuasive and Opinion Writing!

Aug 17, 2013

I have had so much awesome feedback on my first two sets of Class Writing Journals, that I added one more set to the mix.  I am SUPER proud of these!  With the big push in Common Core for students to explain their ideas and reinforce their opinions with evidence, these couldn’t be more timely!

This set comes with 11 different engaging topics like “Who is the best superhero?” and “What is the best restaurant?”  There are also some where students are instructed to write a letter to someone giving their opinion and EVIDENCE to support their answers.

Like my original Class Writing Journals and the Class Writing Journals Informative Writing Set, this file also comes with a handy writing ideas page and a bonus OREO persuasive writing graphic organizer.

If you are new to Class Writing Journals, they are basically a set of either spirals or composition books that have a printed cover with a writing prompt.  During writer’s workshop or work on writing time, students select a journal and write about the topic. They can also read what other students have written.  I also write in the journals, too.

I think it is so important to model writing for the the kids, and they ALWAYS will read mine first. Funny!!
I will trade the journals out every so often to give them a variety.  We also trade journals with our buddy class and they thought that was SUPER cool to read what the “big” kids had written.  It also made my littles try a bit harder knowing that our buddies were going to read them. 
Happy writing!  



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