Peek-A-Boo Layered Books

Sep 15, 2013

I am so excited to introduce my newest creations… 
I call them Peek-A-Boo Layer Books and they are such 
show stoppers!!
Here is how they work: 
Each page combines together to create a scene that peeks through the front cover.
Negative space is removed to achieve this super-cool effect. Pages are lined to so learners can let their imaginations run wild and fill these unique- super engaging books with either creative stories, reports, or journal entries.
Good gravy were my kids are fascinated by these!!
Each page contains an element of the composed picture:
The books can be bound using staples, brads, or comb bindings. I think they look neat with the covers laminated, too.  My kiddos helped with the samples.  🙂
We used some watercolors for the background and glitter accents.
Right now I have 6  Peek-A-Boo themed books in my collection. In addition to the Halloween and Thanksgiving books above,  there are also Columbus Day, Christmas, Ocean and Space Alien themed books.
I love them all it is hard to pick a favorite!
Happy Writing!!



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