Columbus Day Freebie!

Oct 7, 2013

When I was little we would get Columbus Day off of school and that was always a big treat. It usually fell right on or really close to my birthday. My mom would make it a special day for me.  Our state no longer recognizes Columbus Day as a school holiday, which is a big bummer for me.

I usually try and do a fun project with my kiddos and this has always been one of my favorites!
It is a ship in a bottle!  It is very simple to make and the kids think it is novel.  The trickiest part is the plastic wrap, but I teach them to work together to keep it from getting crumpled. 
Click on the picture above to grab your freebie!  
Also, check out my other Columbus and Explorer products as well.  I love that I can embed so many standards into research projects.  

                                    Christopher Columbus Layered Book: 

Students will have a blast retelling the story of Columbus and creating their own unique
layered storybook. 

Interactive Explorer Flap Book:
Students research and report biographical information. 
This comes with two different covers so you can make individual books or class books. 
It has pages to research 20 different important world explorers and a handy graphic organizer. 
Happy Exploring! 



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