Famous Explorer and Scientist Research Books

Oct 14, 2013

I LOVE using flap books!  I use them ALL YEAR LONG as mini research report projects. We have been working on two different ones this year- Important Scientists and Famous Explorers. These are great for class books too!
After we research a famous scientist or famous explorer,  students complete a page of their book.

Here are some pictures of the Important Scientist book:

Here are some pictures from the Famous Explorers book:

The pages have clip art images of the famous people. These are more realistic images and not cartoons.
By the end of the year, students have two complete books – one of important scientists and one of  famous explorers.
It is also a great tool to assess writing growth!
Want to make them collaborative?

There is also an option to make them into a class or group book. For this option, each kiddo can pick one person to research and a make a page for the book.  The files contain the cover pages for both types, so you can choose what works best for you!

Check them out!



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