Duct Tape DIY- Bright Ideas Blog Hop!

Mar 9, 2014

I’m so honored to be a part of the Bright Ideas Blog Hop!

I thought I’d share some of the funky, yet practical, ways I have been using duct tape in my classroom. Colored duct tape has been gaining popularity over the past year or so, and it is EVERYWHERE!! I just love it!

Spirit Pencils – I made these fun pencils using school colors.  I double-over a 6″ strip of tape, leaving a 1/2″ tab still sticky. I cut the strip into small fringe pieces. I use the sticky edge to wrap the tape around the end of the pencil, alternating colors. Super fun!

Duct Tape Doorstop – This is a plain ol’ brick that I covered in pretty tape. It is so fun!

Binder Clips – Give plain binder clips some punch by covering them with the duct tape. Mine are color coded by subject and grade. This helps me organize my grading and my work for the next day. Color coding the clips can be used to organize differentiated work, making it easier to distribute.  I just keep them in a little basket ready to go.

Notebook Tabs – This is my FAVORITE use for tape. Colored tape makes the best tabs for interactive notebooks.  I tried using post-its and paper, but the tape is so much better! It is flexible and durable… and fun! I teach-lifted this idea from my daughter’s amazing teacher last year, and never looked back!!

Snazzy Clipboards – I bought some cheap clipboards and covered them with tape. I love carrying them around, and everyone knows which clipboards are mine!

Covering Pencil Containers –  This is a baby formula can.  They are perfect for holding markers and pencils, and they are super durable!  Most of my cans are 5+ years old, I just gave them a makeover with the tape!

Thanks for hopping by! Please continue on and visit Sally at Elementary Matters. I had the chance to meet Sally last summer and she is such a sweet, genuine lady who is so passionate about teaching.

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