Picture Perfect Read Aloud!

Mar 20, 2014

Last week we had our class pictures. I love class pictures and proudly have 21 of them saved from over the years.  My school does a great job of organizing things and we are in and out pretty quickly. PLUS…. I get to read one of my
favorite read aloud stories. I don’t say that lightly, friends.
  Have you ever heard the story BED HEAD by Margie Palatini?

It is a great story about a boy named Oliver who wakes up with a terrible case of bed head.  No matter what, Oliver can’t tame his poor hair. What makes things worse for poor Oliver it that it turns out to be picture day at school and his crazy bed head takes over.
The reason this story is so much fun is that I vary my speed and volume when I am reading it aloud. There are points of excitement that I will read really fast, then slow down using my “matter of fact” voice.
 It offers me a great opportunity to model using different voices and reading with expression.
 The illustrations are really fun, too.
Even the “big” kids L-O-V-E and can relate to this story.
Hope all of your class pictures turn out great!  Smile, and say cheese!!!




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