Easter Bunny Craft Freebies!

Apr 16, 2014

I am digging through the way back files again and found the pattern for this cute bunny craft. I love this because you use plastic spoons to make the eyes and teeth. The kids loved making them, and no two were alike.

We started with a lesson on how characters change throughout a story.  I read the story The Grumpy Easter Bunny.  We talked about how the main character, Hopper, changes throughout the story and how he learns a lesson about sharing.  The students wrote a response on the loopy square paper that we attached to the backs of our bunnies. I left this blank so you could use this for any Easter book and writing assignment.

To make the bunnies, I traced the patterns onto tagboard and gave each table a pattern. The kids traced and cut the bunny heads. We cut the slits by folding the bunnies slightly and then snipping on the fold. We added a pompom nose and some paper whiskers.  They turned out SO cute!

The patterns and directions are available as a freebie in my TPT store. Go grab it!

Also, I found this little cutie in my files too.  We would make them for our 6th grade buddy class.  It is just a paper sack that is stapled at the top in the corners.  We would decorate the faces with simple construction paper designs, but big wiggle eyes and pompom noses would be really cute here too.

I hope everyone has a HOPPY Easter!



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