School Bus Pockets!

Jun 16, 2014

I am SO excited for Made it Monday!!! 
I’m a bit of a crafty gal, and this is one of my favorite summer linkys!
I have made these cute little school bus pockets for years, leaving them on the kids desks for the first day of school. Aren’t they cute??

They are made from yellow felt and a bit of fabric paint. I like to fill them with pencils, an eraser, a homework pass, and a roll of Smarties. The kids love them! 


They are super easy to do and can be made inexpensively. 

Start by cutting out the bus. I cut two at a time. 

Add an 8″ ribbon as a handle. Glue to one piece of felt. 

Cut the wheels.  I like to use a shiny vinyl fabric I get at JoAnn’s.  I use a quarter to trace the wheels.

Place the top bus on top, gluing the edges. Glue on the wheels.  I make a little fender shape from a scrap of yellow.

Finally, add your embellishment. I like to use this fabric paint. I have used fabric markers in the past, but the paint actually gives a cleaner look.

Want the pattern?  It is free in my TPT store.  Click on any picture and it will take you there.

If you like this pocket, you might like my toothy pockets, too!  Aren’t they cute?  They are part of my new super cute Tooth Fairy Packet. Check it out!!

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Happy Crafting!!



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