Student Engagement Stoplights (June’s Bright Idea!)

Jun 21, 2014

Since it is summer and we don’t want to work too hard, I wanted to share this quick idea that we use to raise engagement and help us with assessing students quickly during a lesson.

These are mini-stoplights that I made from an index card and punched circles. They are glued on in traditional stoplight fashion. Mine are also laminated, and have A, B, and C written on the dots.

To make them super accessible, they also have a magnet glued onto the back. The kids keep them attached to the sides of their desks at all times. (Yup-these magnets are tooth shaped because I got them for FREE from a local dentist.)

So this is how they work. I say, “Lights! Camera! Action! and the kiddos grab their lights. I give them a problem and the kiddos show a color or the letter to give an answer. For example, I could give a multiple choice question. They show the answer they think is correct, and cover up the other two circles.  Easy. Another example would be “Do you agree or disagree? Show green if you agree of red if you disagree.” You could also do this for true/false questions.

I have also used them for specific problems like show red if you think this item is a solid, yellow if you think it is a liquid, and green if you think it is a gas.  It is a GREAT way to informally assess your students during any type of lesson, and keep them engaged!

*Note this idea came from Rich Allen’s book Green Light Classrooms. If you EVER have a chance to hear Rich speak or take one of his workshops, DO IT!  You will not be sorry.

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