Bugs in My Hair! If you can’t beat them, TEACH them, right?

Jul 2, 2014

Thanks to Deanna for another week of great books!

First off, I want to say that I love David Shannon. I just love his style of illustrating. In his new book, Shannon  covers a topic that people don’t generally think of happily- HEAD LICE!! Yes.  That is what I said. A book about lice, and it is ADORABLE!

Aside from the really great illustrations, this book is informational while also being fun. It is a great book to read to kids to let them know that getting lice doesn’t mean you’re dirty and that while it’s no fun, it happens A LOT! It is a really cute story told from the point of view from a little boy who gets lice, and how his mother has to battle the “Little Nasties”. Every year I have one or two kiddos with CHRONIC head lice. Poor babies! Last year my class went for head checks almost monthly, so most of them think it is just part of our routine. 

So, if you can’t beat them, TEACH them, right????
If you are interested in more activities to accompany this awesome book, check out my 
Bugs in My Hair book pack.  It is a super fun mix of story activities, vocabulary, and writing with some informational text about lice. 
There are two writing activities included in this pack.  One is the “Wanted” poster which is super fun and can be used to promote hygiene.

The second one is “One day I woke up and had ____ in my hair.”  These two little cuties made portraits to go with their stories. One had dog bones and the other one had unicorns.  So cute!  🙂

Check it out, and keep it clean!!




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