Bully- A Great Book About Bullying

Jul 16, 2014

This week I wanted to share another nearly wordless book that speaks volumes. Has anyone read the book Bully by Laura Vaccaro Seegar? If not, you need to put it on your back to school shopping list!!  It is such a great book for teaching about bullies and how the things people say can be hurtful.

This book has very limited text, but the word choice is so powerful. A little bull gets picked on by a bigger bull, and then as a result of his hurt and anger continues to bully the other animals in the barnyard. As his anger and “bulliness” grows, so does the image of the bull. The bull grows and grows feeding on the hurt of others until finally, he pops.*Note…  Having someone blowing up a balloon while you are reading this would be an awesome visual for the kiddos!  Warning… there is the four letter “B” word  in this book, but it is used as a verb, and not a noun.
(The one that means the same as a rear end.)

What was so great was that after reading and discussing this book, I heard my kiddos retelling the story over and over again. It REALLY stuck with them, so I made little retelling story sticks. You can grab them from my store. Click on the picture to grab them. They are free!

Bully Retelling Puppets Freebie- Click Picture!

Finally, there is a GREAT little video that is available on You Tube with the author Laura Vaccaro Seegar. Check it out to see more!

Thanks to Deanna for another week hosting the We Love Books Linky!  I DO love books!!

Happy reading!!



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