Holiday Class Writing Journals

Jul 16, 2014

If you are familiar with my Class Writing Journals, I have some exciting news!  I finally finished a holiday expansion pack.  I am so excited about these!

This pack includes 6 holiday themed writing journals to use throughout the year.  They match my other Class Writing Journals so they can easily be added to the set.

Each holiday has a cover sheet with a writing prompt and a page of writing helps that you can glue on the inside cover of your notebooks.  They are sized to fit onto a standard composition book or spiral notebook.

Writing Ideas page:
If you aren’t familiar with Class Writing Journals, you need to be!
They are one of my favorite writing tools I use in my classroom.
I make mine simply by attaching the cover and writing ideas page to a composition book.
Covering them with clear packing tape or clear Contact paper will help preserve the longevity.
I keep them in a basket in my writing center.
During writing time, students select a notebook and start writing. They also LOVE reading what their classmates have written. They are perfect for fast finishers or can be used for assessments.
In addition to the NEW holiday pack, I have 3 other sets available in my store:
You can save some $$ by buying the bundle.  It has all four sets in it!!
There are enough to keep your students writing all year long!
Other ideas:
-Trade journals with a buddy class. This gives them an audience for writing.
-Send them home for a special at home writing project. One of my friends sends them home on Fridays and the students bring them back and share in partners on Mondays.
-Save them from year to year.  Students love to find passages their friends, neighbors and siblings have written.
Check out my other Class Writing Journal posts for more ideas.
Happy writing!




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