Tooth Fairy Ideas for Teachers

Jul 18, 2014

Let’s just face it… even though they are gross to most grown-ups, lost teeth are milestones to our little friends. I wanted to find a way to make a lost tooth an exciting event in my class without losing precious instructional time. I was also on the hunt through all of our local school supply stores AND the internet to find inexpensive awards to give out, to no avail!  So, my cute little Tooth Fairy Fun pack was born.  I love it!!!

This pack contains several activities and incentives to make losing a tooth a fun, educational,
and special experience.
I have students write a letter to the Tooth Fairy and explain how and where they lost their tooth. They get to take it home with them.
They also get a “My Tooth Book” with journal pages and a tooth record form in it. Most of my students are from very low income families and their parents can’t afford to buy cute little lost teeth journals from Etsy or a fancy bookstore. The parents LOVED that I did this for them, and all it cost was some copy paper and a bit of time at the beginning of the year.
The same goes for the little tooth pocket.  My mom and I use to have a craft business and these were something we would sell.  I must have made a thousand on them in my lifetime! They are easy and inexpensive to make, and again becomes a special keepsake for the kiddos. (They only get 1 for the year!)


Subsequent lost teeth go in a baggie with this label on it. (I have these made ahead of time, too.)


Kiddos also get a sticker to wear for the day:


We keep a class book of writing, where they can write about the result of the Tooth Fairy’s visit.


It is simple and easy (and NOT so gross) to make losing a tooth at school a special event.
Check out my Tooth Fairy Fun pack and get started!!



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