Keeping Your Students Organized During Writer’s Workshop

Aug 3, 2014

Managing Writer’s Workshop can be a challenging task. Over the years, these have saved my sanity and kept my kiddos’ writing on the “right” track.  These are multiple folders bound together to help keep students organized through the steps of the writing process. I have used two pocket folders (for a total of 4 pockets) for mine, but you can easily use 3. Students place their writing in the pocket that corresponds with the stage of the writing process they are working on. They can have multiple pieces of writing in different stages, and keep it all together. I like them to keep a pocket of “writing” ideas where they can store pictures, research, or new ideas.

One of my sweet readers Josie sent me these pictures.  I love how she used the binding machine to assemble her Writing Workshop Folders.


She says she has used them for a few YEARS now and just uses a Magic Eraser sponge to change the kiddos names.  BRILLIANT!  You are a smartie, Josie!!

And speaking of writing…  I recently realized that I never blogged about another one of my favorite tools for Writer’s Workshop — My Writing Placemat.  It is a really simple chart that the students keep in their desks and can pull out when they need help with writing. The students can also take it to a spot around the room if needed. It contains word lists to increase vocabulary and improve word choice.  There are several lists of adjectives as well as common words like months, numbers, and family.   I also see them pulling them out during science and social studies, too.  BONUS!! 

This has been a game changer for my both my struggling and gifted writers. The funny thing is that I notice that they will start using the words more fluently, without using their placemat.

Check them out!



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