The “May” Basket- A Classroom Management Idea

Aug 16, 2014

I’m super excited to team up with 150 bloggers for another month of bright ideas!  My bright idea is a super quick classroom management idea about how to handle the “stuff” kiddos bring to school. 

I have a basket in my classroom called the “May” basket. Mine is just an old Easter basket, but any kind of basket will do. It has a little tag on it that says “May Basket” that is tied on with a ribbon. 

At the beginning of the year, I explain to the students that any toys or items that they are playing with during class time will be taken away and placed in the May Basket. 

OH NO!!  
Oh, yes… I do.  

The students do not get the item back until the last week of school in MAY! Sometimes I say it means they may- or MAY NOT get it back. (Wink! Wink!)   The basket sits up on my file cabinet, and really serves as a reminder to NOT bring toys to school. It is not entirely foolproof. The basket will (most likely) have some deposits by the end of year.  I will hear the children say to one another, “Put that away! You don’t want it to go into the MAY BASKET!!” The students help remind each other, which makes my job easier and leads them to managing themselves. 

 I do offer a bit of leeway if a parent comes to retrieve an item, but for the most part the collection grows throughout the year and the parents are very supportive. I have collected some pretty strange things over the years!!

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