Crayon Photo Frame Ornaments

Dec 15, 2014

Since I switched grade levels this year, I found myself in a pinch for a quick, easy, inexpensive parent gift for my students to make this holiday season. (I don’t want to steal the thunder from my old teammates!)

 These were easy enough for my Firsties to make and didn’t take a lot of time to get them finished.
I copied the pages onto colored paper. Cardstock would probably be better, but I just used plain paper, and they were pretty sturdy after the glue dried. 
I found it easier to glue the top and bottom sticks on first, then do the sides. 
The kids got to pick which crayons went on their ornaments. 
They were very cute, often picking their parents’ favorite colors. 

After they were dry, I added a small piece of ribbon on the back. I stuck on 
their pictures and … PRESTO!
A cute keepsake gift for the parents. 
The BEST part is that this is the FIRST year I have them done a week ahead of time!  
I was feeling the Christmas spirit and made the printable for Pre-K through 6th.
Click on the picture below to grab the freebie from my store. 

These were the noodle frames we made last year.  They were sparkly and the students really enjoyed making them. We glued dried pasta onto stick frames, then I spray painted them.  
These are the gifts that our 2nd graders make every year, so I didn’t want to steal their thunder. 
  Isn’t it precious?  

As a parent, I love these handmade treasures. One of the best parts of the holiday, I think!

Happy crafting!!



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