Ten Tools Every Teacher Needs in Their Classroom

Jan 17, 2015

So, let’s face it.  Sometimes if you want something done, you just have to do it yourself, right? On my campus we haven’t had full-time custodial help in a long time and besides… I am a bit impatient.  If I decide I want a job done, I usually just figure out a way to do it myself.  Over the years, I have collected an assortment of “tools” that I use on a REGULAR basis. I keep my tools in a drawer in my classroom and use them often.  I am not exactly “HANDY”, but I can get a job done. I thought I would share my tools with you this month as my Bright Idea. 

Here is a peek at my teacher toolbox drawer. No. It isn’t ALWAYS this neat. I had to spruce it up a bit for pictures.

1. A Hammer- This is kind of a no-brainer, but I didn’t keep one in my classroom, and I always seemed to need one! I don’t really nail holes in my walls, but it sure is great to loosen desk legs when they are stuck and I need to raise and lower them.  Which leads me to…

2. A Drill-  Yes, this can be pricey, but this is my FAVORITE tool for raising and lowering desks.  I feel it is important to have desks that are appropriately sized for my kiddos, and in first grade, there is a WIDE range of kids.  I have to put aside my clean lines and matchy-matchy eyes when I look at the array of desk heights in my classroom, but in the end it is really about comfort for the kiddos.

I was gifted this drill from a friend. It has been a lifesaver.  Mine has a Phillips head drill bit on it, and can raise tighten desk screws in a flash. I have seen these on sale around the holidays for around $20 and I think they are such a good investment.

3. A Mini Screwdriver Set- This has come in handy so many times.  I use it to change batteries in my timers and educational games, as well as the occasional eyeglasses repair. I got this set at a dollar store awhile back. It has been so helpful.

4. Command Hooks- So these aren’t really tools, but I use these all of the time!  They hold up my chart paper, emergency bag, my calendar, and task cards. They really are one of my favorite things!!

5. Safety Pins- From torn clothes to fixing backpacks, I seem to NEED these all the time!

6. Tape Measure- I keep both a carpenter’s tape measure and a dressmaker’s tape measure in my tool drawer.  I have often needed the soft measuring tape to measure kiddos who are in need of clothing donations.

7. Fishing Line- I use this to hang student work here and there. It is so strong and cheap.  I have had this spool FOREVER!

8. Furniture Sliders- I am forever moving things around in my classroom, and these babies have proven their worth. I have had this set for about ten years, and there isn’t anything I can’t move (Who needs boys??!?) Even my file cabinets glide around with ease.  Love them!

9. A Flashlight- Even in the daytime, if the lights go out, my room is pretty dark. Check your batteries often.  I have also used this as an incentive for kids when we do an “I Spy” or “Write the Room” activity.  They think it is really cool to spotlight the cards.

10. Duct Tape- My Papa used to say there pretty much isn’t anything you can’t fix with duct tape. Enough said.

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