Valentine Science Fun!

Jan 4, 2015

Looking for a unique activity for your class for Valentine’s Day? Kids just LOVE these Valentine’s Day science experiment kits! These are super cool science kits that are made for fun and learning. They have all the supplies students will need to complete engaging, hands-on science experiments this Valentine’s Day!

The first time I handed out these little kits the kids really knew they were getting something unique. (What they don’t know is how little they cost to make! ) A class set of 24 cost me around $12 to assemble a class set. (I already had the baggies and the colored paper on hand.) A few things, like the pencils,  could be optional since the kiddos probably could use any pencil from home.  Eliminating them would cut it down under $10, but I thought they were festive.

This Valentine’s edition of our original Send Home Science kits, are assembled using quart-sized bags, but they still pack a big wow!  Each kit has a  little mini book of science experiments, and most of the supplies the students will need to complete the science challenges. The supplies can be easily found at Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, or Target, BONUS- The book prints 4 to a page so they can be easily cut and stapled.  No folding!

A few printable science “tools” that go with two of the experiments:

and…. of course… BUBBLES!  I always buy the wedding favor bubbles at the dollar store and decorate them with themed stickers. They are way less expensive than traditional bottles, and I can customize them however I want. Let’s just face it… kids LOVE bubbles!

This kit has a few optional toppers as well.  My original Send Home Science kits had a folded topper. Since these are a bit smaller and to make passing out a bit easier, I also included a printable label that you can put IN the bag instead of on top. Quick and easy!!


I am in the process of making 50 of these puppies!  I am making sets for both of my own kiddos to give away to their friends. My 3rd grader is so excited that she will have the BEST Valentines to give away.  (I kind of think she is right!) I think I might have MY class make these to GIVE to our BUDDY class. What a cool way to say thanks for being our buddies!

Check out the full product by clicking on the picture below, and get to it!  They will “LOVE” them!


Happy Valentine’s Day!




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